A symbol of prosperity, an abode of love & laughter.

We, StepsStone constructions have been in the industry for more than 12 years now and we are a part of thousands of happy customers across South India. With more than 80 projects successfully completed, we have learned and mastered the art of perfection and quality when it comes to residential and commercial buildings.

We have carved a place for ourselves in the competitive real estate field. Meticulous planning, quality work, practical pricing, timely delivery and an obsessive need for customer satisfaction makes us stand apart.

Should we not cherish retirement?

Retirement is still seen with mixed reaction and for people who have to live alone or with just their spouses after their active years, a constant fear of safety and the feeling of loneliness creeps in! After more than 40 years of hard work, this should be a period of joy, comfort, safety, and peace.

Keeping the need of this growing retired population in mind, StepsStone is now venturing into creating a fully equipped and safe retirement community in several locations in South India. With a right property investment, you can finally look forward to being taken care of and enjoy the tranquility it brings about.


To provide a peaceful, secure and comfortable living space with state of art facilities and end-to-end service for retired people in their silver years.


Building a community for like-minded people who can spend their retired time together with peace, dignity, harmony coupled with comfort, care, and certainty.